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D&L Group

Qingdao D&L Group Ltd. is established in 1999. With a wide range of products, including building material, marine hardware and lifting products, the production line of metal products and machineries, Qingdao D&L Group Ltd. has built up a strong brand of “D&L” in the world market.

With over 20 years history of import and export, Qingdao D&L Group Ltd. is helping her customers to get high quality products with favorable price from the Chinese market. Together with the products, D&L is offering professional knowledge of those products and help our customers to step into Chinese market.

Donglu Technology

Qingdao Donglu Technology Co., Ltd. is set up on 2002 and specializes in manufacturing of metal products and machinery parts. Being in the manufacturing field for nearly 17 years, Qingdao Donglu Technology Co., Ltd. has become one of the largest suppliers of quality trailer products and agricultural parts in China.

With up-to-date production technology and advanced equipment, Qingdao Donglu Technology Co., Ltd. works closely with her customers and develop new products for the market. Her production capacity covers forging, stamping, welding, laser cutting, machining and heat treatment and she can supply one-stop supply for customers who have different combination and requirements.

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