CNC OEM Machined Parts

CNC OEM Machined Parts

Machined Parts


D&L Hardware have years of experience producing machined metal hardware parts for numerous heavy-duty applications. Our custom machined parts have been used in a variety of industries including agricultural machinery, automotive, building, architectural, plus many more.

Our 18,000m2? manufacturing facility is fully equipped to manufacture a variety of machined metal parts in a number of high-quality materials with optional finishing treatments.


D&L Hardware manufacture cnc machined products from ductile steel, stainless steel, brass and aluminium. Working closely with our customers we are able to produce accurate cnc machined metal parts to meet strict specifications and meet desired tolerances. We currently work alongside a number of leading companies to produce OEM and ODM machined parts.


  • Machining, turning and assembly of high-precision parts.
  • Advanced three-dimensional measuring and testing equipment.
  • High-precision cnc machining, drilling, milling and tapping machines.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning process.
  • Complete engineering and manufacturing service.
  • R&D, tooling, product design.
  • OEM and ODM specialists.

Machined Parts

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